Announcement of DNSPod will be update at 18:00 on June 11, 2014 UTC+8 



Dear DNSPod users and developers,

Hello! We would like to tell you very, very exciting news that DNSPod is going to have the most important update at 18:00 on June 11, 2014 UTC+8.

After the update, we will provide you with more complete and perfect functions including but not limited to Domain Name Sharing, Domains Transfer, D-Monitor, D-Token, Multi-Accounts Login, etc.. At the same time, we will open well-documented API, involving accounts, domains, records and D-Monitor interfaces, which mean that developers can build a powerful Domain Name System based on your own demands.

Please note that after this update, service for API 1.0 will no longer be available and will not be compatible with the new API.

But you don’t need to worry about it because we now provide you with a testing environment:, and the APIs docs is: . If your account is registered before May 27, 2014, you can login with your account and password to join the test. All of the data under test environment will be just for testing and will not take effect on your real DNS, and all test data will be deleted after the final version comes online.

For ensuring the normal running of the programs built upon the old API, please update your codes in time. If you have any problem while developing or using it, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, this update will not affect your accounts, domains, records or any relevant data, or even your DNS resolution. Therefore, there is nothing for you to worry about. If you want to get the latest news, please follow our Twitter, Facebook or Blog.

We believe a great product is supported by great people, and DNSPod is no exception. Our user base is impassioned and dedicated to spreading use of DNSPod far and wide. Our tech community can support both the beginner and the expert. We show warm welcome to you to join our community and make contributions together to open-source knowledgebase, free DNS industry and even the whole Internet. We appreciate your effort for DNSPod and the network so long time and hope you could continually support us as you always do. We hope the new version can help you do everything much better, and we value your feedback for it, if any, please feel free to tell us.

With our many thanks and best regards,

DNSPod Team