DNSPod.com is returning to normal

DNSPod.com is returning to normal now. Because W2 Interactive did not give us any response till now, we cannot get the data that was on the servers of W2 back.   Some of your personal information could not be got back now. We are very sorry for that. But the domains that you have added before and the histories are still in our database. Now you need to register to our website again in order to get your domains back, and then you can manage your account as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you and thanks for your understanding and supporting for DNSPod.

Here are some steps that help you to get your domains back.

Step 1:

Click login to DNSPod, if you have registered to our website before, when you type your Email address and password and click LOGIN, you will find this page.

Just click OK. Then you will turn to the Register page.

Step 2,

When you registered successful, you come to the dashboard.

type your domain in the add domain box, you will see the next message.

click the link”click to get your data back”.then we go to step 3.

Step 3,

you will see the helping page here. Just follow the instructions.

Step 4,

when you click next, we will find your Email address through your whois information and send Email to you in order to make sure that you are the legal owner of the domain. If you used the protection of privacy, we may not get your information, so that you need to contact us.